Keep God's Land

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Michele Bachmann

Dean, Robertson School of Government at Regent University

Ambassador David Friedman

The former United States Ambassador to Israel

Ohad Tal

Member of Knesset 
"It is our unique privilege..." Read more
"It is our unique privilege to live in the generation when the Jewish people are fulfilling the words of Biblical prophecy and returning to God's land. It's all of our responsibility to ensure that the Land of Israel remains in the hands of the People of Israel."

Rabbi Tuly Weisz

Founder, Israel365
"Those who read the Bible..." Read more
"Those who read the Bible know that God did not bring the Jews back to Israel, only to let Hamas drive us out. There could be nothing more sacrilegious than for the Jewish State to divide the Biblical heartland. The God of justice would never allow rewarding murderers and rapists with additional territory. For Jews and Christians, the challenge of our generation and the battle of our lifetime is to make sure that we Keep God’s Land."

Ambassador Yoram Ettinger

Former Israeli Ambassador & Congressional Affairs Liaison, Israeli Embassy, Washington DC 
"The main rationale..." Read more
"The main rationale of the Oslo Accords was that establishing a 23rd Arab state ten miles away from Tel-Aviv would bring peace to Israel and stability to the Middle-East. This theory no longer passes the laughing test. Why resuscitate a failed and dying model for a fictitious “Palestinian people” that has embraced Islamism like the rest of the Arab world?"

Gila Gamliel

Minister of Intelligence of Israel 
"Judea and Samaria is..." Read more
"Judea and Samaria is the Biblical heartland of Israel. Jews and Christians need to work together to Keep God's Land."

Rabbi Elan Adler

Rabbi, RCA Israel
"I fully endorse..." Read more
"I fully endorse the values and goals of Keep God’s Land and pledge to support it and let others know about it"

Josh Hammer

Senior Editor at Large, Newsweek
"It is difficult to..." Read more
“It is difficult to overstate the idiocy—indeed, the hubris—of carving out a new independent Palestinian-Arab state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Such a harebrained plot would not merely produce another Iranian terrorist launching pad overnight. It would not merely become an immediate existential threat to Israel’s survival. It also transgresses God’s Will itself.”
Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

Rabbi, Modiin

Dov Fischer
Rabbi Dov Fischer

Rabbi, Young Israel of Orange County

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki

Director, Israel365 Action

Rabbi Pini Dunner

"The miracle of Israel..." Read more
“The miracle of Israel and the realization of the Messianic era can only happen if we fulfill God’s promise to reunite His Chosen People with His Chosen Land. There can be no compromise. It is our sacred duty.”

Pastor Larry Huch

Senior Pastor Founder LH Ministries, LarryHuch Ministries. New Beginnings Church
"Keep God’s Lands is..." Read more
"Keep God’s Lands is with out doubt the will of God!! You can ask. Who does the land of Israel belong to? The answer is found in undeniable proof Biblically, Politically, Legally and And thru Archaeology ! To stand with Israel is to stand in the blessings and the will of God !!"
Pastor George Pearsons

Senior Pastor, Eagle Mountain International Church | Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Pastor Paula White-Cain

President, Paula White Ministries |
Senior Pastor, City of Destiny Church
"Let's unite for..." Read more
"Let's unite for the protection of Israel, the safety of those in harm's way, and the defeat of Israel's enemies"
Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons

Senior Pastor, Eagle Mountain International Church | Chief Visionary Officer, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Luke Moon

Exective Director, Philos Project
"God's people need to..." Read more
"God's people need to live in the land given to them by God. Keep God's people in God's Land."
Dr. Charles McVety

President of Canada Christian College

Josh Reinstein

President, Israel Allies Foundation 
"Men and women of..." Read more
"Men and women of faith know that it is our duty to keep God's land. We must stand together to defend God's covenant with Abraham."
Pastor David Swaggerty

Pastor, CharismaLife Ministries

Troy Miller

President & CEO, National Religious Broadcasters

Dumisani Washington

Founder, CEO, Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI).
"I will also gather..." Read more
"I will also gather all nations, And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; And I will enter into judgment with them there On account of My people, My heritage Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; They have also divided up My land. - Joel 3.2"

Rosemary Schindler Garlow

Founder and Co-Founder, Schindler's Ark International & Well Versed, Inc.
"I wholeheartedly endorse ..." Read more
"I wholeheartedly endorse the “Keep God’s Land” for Israel and the nations’ survival and blessings. Most importantly, this movement brings honor to the Almighty and His Eternal Word, the Bible."

Dr. Billye Brim

President, Billye Brim Ministries
"The Prophets specifically..." Read more
"The Prophets specifically speak of the Jews return to Judea and Samaria, the heartland of the Bible. Therefore I am in complete agreement with the Word of God. For indeed it is His revealed will to 'Keep God's Land.'"

Pastor Roy Hagemyer

Senior and Founding Pastor, The Way Christian Church | Fort Mohave, Arizona Watch Video
Pastor Roy Hagemyer
Pastor Roy Hagemyer

Senior and Founding Pastor, The Way Christian Church | Fort Mohave, Arizona

Pastor Nick Vujicic

Motivational speaker

Bryce Turner

National Director, Christians for Israel, New Zealand
"Keep God's Land..." Read more
"Keep God's Land. No other viable options, so stick with God's plan."

Byron Stinson

Team Leader, Boneh Israel
"The only path to peace..." Read more
"The only path to peace, is the land of Israel in one piece. Let’s all unify and work together to Keep Gods Land a land of Milk and honey. Flowing with peace and hope"

Shelley Neese

President, The Jerusalem Connection
"October 7th has proven..." Read more
"October 7th has proven the need to prioritize Jewish ownership of the land. Israel has to have a secure barrier between the civilians of Israel and the terrorists seeking their destruction. The Jerusalem Connection endorses this proposal to Keep God's Land."

Laurie Cardoza Moore

President/Producer, Laurie Cardoza Moore
"I'm calling on all Jews..." Read more
"I'm calling on all Jews, Christians and people of conscience to stand with our Jewish brethren to "Keep God's Land", affirming the eternal Covenant G-d established with Israel."

Bryan Leib

CEO of Henry PR | Senior Fellow of Center for Fundamental Rights
"The time is now..." Read more
"The time is now to recognize that a two-state solution is a fantasy that will never happen. Israel doesn't have a partner for peace. There is one state; Israel."

Steve Wearp

Founder and CEO, Blessed Buy Israel
"Today the nations ..." Read more
"Today the nations have been given a choice – to chose between light and darkness, good and evil. When we choose to “Keep God’s Land” we sanctify His Name – and we have chosen light and goodness, life and a future. May Ha Shem bless all those who Sanctify is Name, Honor People Israel and Guard His Land!"

Pastor Jim Scudder

Pastor, In Grace TV
"God promised Israel ..." Read more
"God promised Israel their land forever. His covenant was unilateral and unconditional. I’m privileged to stand with all Jews, the nation of Israel, and lend my support in helping them Keep God’s Land!"
Shanda Hasse

Co-Founder, President, America for Israel

Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera

Executive Director, Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition

Goel Jasper
Goel Jasper

Managing Partner, FINN Partners

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Maria Friedman

Community Organizer, RI Coalition for Israel

Conrado Lumahan

National Director and Assistant General Superintendent, Christians For Israel Philippines and Assemblies of God of the Philippines

Jerry Bowers
Jerry Bowers

Senior Bishop, Book of Acts Global Church

Pastor Miriam Swaggerty

Pastor, CharismaLife Ministries

Robert DeMaggio

Director, The Jonah Mission
"We wholly believe..." Read more
"We wholly believe God's Word that he has given this land, in covenant to the People of Israel, forever. We stand with the people of Israel as they endeavor to keep God's Land."

Tommy Waller

Founder, HaYovel
"I hope and pray..." Read more
"I hope and pray that "Keep God's Land" will ignite a movement to instill courage within Christianity, particularly among our pastors and leaders. We must stand against the assault against God's Word and His prophetic plan to bring peace to the world. The time of Israel's restoration is now. (Acts 3:21)"
Susan Michael

USA Director, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

Sharon Sanders

Co-Founder, Director of Education, Christian Friends of Israel Jerusalem

Bishop Robert Stearns

Founder and Executive Director, Eagles’ Wings

Erick Stakelbeck new

Author and Host, The Watchman Newscast

Ruth Guggenheim
Ruth Guggenheim

Director of Interfaith Relations, EMUNAH Israel

Kevin Jessip
Kevin Jessip

President, The Return

Dr. Crisp
Dr. Tony Crisp

Senior Pastor, Church On The Way, Kingsport, TN

Anthony Abma

CEO, Return O' Israel
"Return O' Israel's..." Read more
"Return O' Israel's mission is to support the full restoration of God's chosen people the Jews, to Keep God's Land in full sovereignty as their ancestral, native, indigenous and God-given lands."

Mario Bramnick

President, Latino Coalition for Israel
"Our basis is the Bible..." Read more
“Our basis is the Bible, which is the word of God. This land was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in perpetuity by God. So it’s not, to us, religious or political at that stage. We’re dealing with God Himself.”

Gedaliah Blum

Co-Founder, Heartland Initiative
"As a co-founder of..." Read more
"As a co-founder of the Heartland Initiative, I wholeheartedly endorse 'Keep God's Land' for its vital role in connecting people globally to Israel through the Bible and Torah. This initiative aligns seamlessly with our mission to strengthen and secure Israel by building meaningful bridges and nurturing relationships. My commitment extends beyond endorsement; I am actively involved in supporting the development of 'Keep God's Land', recognizing its importance in uniting people from all backgrounds with Israel and its people."
Joshua Christian

President, Bible based counseling

Becky Keenan

Founder & President, One With Israel

David Koch

President, Westar Media

Connie Ness

Action for Canada

Lyle Rapacki, Ph.D.

Owner Host and Commentator, Arizona Today, LLC

Laura Densmore

Founder, Bridge Connector Ministries
"I stongly support..." Read more
"I strongly support and endorse the "Keep God's Land" movement! Israel must NOT allow a Palestinian state! That would be in violation of the covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and their spiritual descendants! NO to a Palestinian state!"
Alfons van Vliet

Dominee, PKN Leeuwarden

Donna Jollay

Owner, Jerusalem Tours, National Task Force Combating Antisemitism
"It is vital for the..." Read more
"It is vital for the entire free world that the Jewish people are able to Keep God's Land, all of God's Land including Judea and Samaria, the Heartland of Israel. We MUST stand with them!"

Lyndon Barrington Allen

Pastor, Total Life Victory Israel Experience
"No land on planet..." Read more
"No land on planet Earth carries the grand and honored distinction of receiving specific divine instruction germane to its existence. Keep God’s Land!"

Rabbi Josh Wander

Rabbi, Bring Them Home
"God and his Torah..." Read more
"God and his Torah don’t need my endorsement, His position is clear, there is no “two state solution”, but one State controlled solely by His chosen nation."

Paushali Lass

Ministry Director and Israel Advocate, AKD Germany
"Keep God's Land..." Read more
"Keep God's Land". Judea and Samaria are the heartland of the Bible.

Zac Waller

Executive Director, HaYovel
"What are the exact..." Read more
"What are the exact locations where God covenanted the land of Israel to the people of Israel? Elon Moreh, Bethel, Hebron, and Gerar. All these places are in Judea and Samaria except one, Gerar, which is in modern-day Gaza! The enemies of God are viciously opposed to Jews living in their God-given, biblical heartland. It's time for people of faith to stand for truth and accept God's global peace plan. Keep God's Land is doing just that. I'm honored to endorse and join this world-changing movement!"

Pastor Ray Peters

Senior Pastor, Kersey Community Church
"The land is owned by..." Read more
"The land is owned by God and will not allow it to be divided and taken from His people. Joel 3:2"

Godfrey Ndiriwenyu

Pastor, Mganwini Church Of Christ
"I fully and whole-heartedly..." Read more
"I fully and whole-heartedly support this "Keep God's Land" movement simply because it is Biblical. Israel belongs to the Jews and this was fully endorsed by the covenant made between God and Abraham a thousand years ago. History has taught us that, trading land for peace will never bring peace. To the "two sate solution" I say NO!!! I will teach and encourage my Church to love and bless Eretz Israel, the birth place of my religion."
Mark Gonzales

President, Hispanic Action Network

Blossom Brackman

Executive Director, Eagles of Fire

Peter Fast

Bridges for Peace

Dr. Michele Burke

Esther’s Warriors Ministry

Paul Dennison

Co-leader, Bridge Church

Chris Wasson

Pastor, Old Union Baptist

Margaret Ramsay

Leader of prayer meeting for Israel, GBC

Our Supporters

Michael Bryan, Magnolia, MS

Iris Chung, Hong Kong, China

Ruth Cullen, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Lori Kremers, Burke, VA

Gennifer Love, Lanexa, VA

Peter Sinek, Marondera, Zimbabwe

Robert McDonald, Tucson, Arizona

Linda Steffen, Kaitaia, New Zealand

Linda Woerman, Puyallup, WA

Patrizia Milani-Gaggini, Breganzona, Switzerland

Mark Dreistadt, Export, PA

Cookie Eckels, Pataskala, OHIO

Lauren Hermann, France

Caroline Coleman, VA, United States 

Caroline Coleman, VA, United States 

Keith McCracken, Ga, United States 

Jerry Rivers, Roosevelt, New York

Randy Berry, Lakeview, OR

Jason Lee, Fullerton, California

Anthony Kiarie, Nairoby, Kenya

Elizabeth Laycock, Paris, Tennessee

Joseph John, Hyderabad, TS

Joel Silver, Downers Grove, IL

Maree Snowden, Sydney, NSW

Trevor Dladla, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Angel Faraguna, Harrisburg, PA

Nancy Henkes, Old Greenwich, CT

Jacques Malan, Durbanville, Western Cape

Shari Thurston, Coleman, United States

Allan Parker, San Antonio, Texas

Jeannine Brabon, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Denice Cousineau, Apache Junction, AZ

Richard Kimble, Laurel, Maryland

Joyce Humphries, Chesnee, SC

Roberta Garcia, Atascadero, CA

JS Weiss, Washington, District of Columbia.

Han Ullersma, Nootdorp, The Netherlands

Ellis Naegele, Naples, FL

Peggy Akin, Irving, TX

Janet Bruce MacIntyre, Street, Somerset

Ron Murhon, Schuylkill Haven, PA

James Whitfield, Pickens, South Carolina

Teri Buck, Fredericksburg, VA

Di Bellavotti, Celebration, Florida

David Linnell, London

Maria Lafferty, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire UK

Tom Tucker, Cooroy, Queensland

Stavros Ignatiou, Nicosia, Cyprus

David Kajit, Tsaunin Kura Street, Kaduna State of Nigeria

Harriet Mwakyusa, London, Kent

Mark Tuan Nguyen, Fountain Valley, CA

Candace Waters, Lake Mary, FL

Helena Croft, London, London

Lidia Oprisoi, Elk Grove, California

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Gregory Goudeseune, Ingelmunster, WV

Solomon chindo Buba, Jos, Plateau

Chrisyngle Ekechi, Camberwell, England

Georgina Parillon-Langlais, London, England

Gabriel Femi Adewara, Lagos,La

Bruce Markowitz, White Plains, New York

Jacob Gabbani, Staten Island, New York

Rita Fernando, Scarbrough, Ontario

Eric Marx, Chevy Chase, MD

Belinda Kuhn, Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Loan Peia, Corona, CA

Susan Warner, Wilmington, DE

Shirley Walborn, Xenia, Ohio

Robert Fritch, Surprise, AZ

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