Statement of Principles

In the months and weeks since the October 7th Hamas atrocities, President Biden and his administration have repeatedly declared their support for the creation of a Palestinian state within the framework of a “two-state solution.” On November 26, 2023, President Biden said: “A two-state solution is the only way to guarantee the long-term security of both the Israeli and Palestinian people.” He added that his administration “will not give up on working towards this goal.”


We the undersigned yearn for peace in Israel, but we reject the proposed two-state solution as unviable for the following reasons:

1. A Palestinian State would Pose an Existential Threat to Israel’s Security:

In 2005, Israel withdrew its military and civilian presence from Gaza, giving the Arabs the opportunity to govern themselves in the entire Gaza Strip. Rather than setting up a functioning state, they used billions of dollars in foreign aid to build a terrorist infrastructure and have continually attacked Israel with rocket fire ever since.


The Palestinian Authority, which governs the Arab population centers of the West Bank, financially rewards the families of terrorists who murder Israelis and has shown itself incapable of responsible and peaceful governance.

Though the horrific attacks of October 7 were led by Hamas, many members of the Fatah, the faction of PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, and ordinary Gazans participated in the slaughter as well. Recent polling shows that 75% of Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza approve of the Hamas massacre of October 7. The October 7 massacre has proven, once and for all, that the establishment of an Arab state in the West Bank or Gaza, regardless of the makeup of its government, would strengthen global jihad and present an existential threat to Israel’s national security and to the security of the Western world.


Israel must be the only armed security force in Gaza and the West Bank.

2. A Palestinian State would be a Rejection of the Bible

The land of Israel is the Biblical and historical homeland of the Jewish people, who have maintained a continuous presence in the land since Biblical times. No other nation has ever governed the Land of Israel as a local sovereign entity. 


The Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza have no historical claim to the land of Israel. There has never been a “Palestinian” national entity in the land. While Arabs must be granted full individual rights, there is no legitimate Arab claim to any part of the land of Israel.

The creation of an Arab state would inevitably lead to the expulsion of Jews from their ancient Biblical homeland.


Genesis 12:3 states that God will bless those who bless Israel and will curse those who harm Israel. The US government must not allow America to harm Israel’s interests. Pressuring Israel to surrender any part of the land of Israel to her enemies is contrary to the Bible and the truth of history.

3. An Overwhelming Majority of Israelis and Arabs Oppose the Two-State Solution

Even before October 7, 65% of Israelis (including 59% of Arab Israelis) were opposed to a two-state solution (Pew Research Center, Sept. 2023). The Hamas massacre of October 7 has only increased the number of Israelis opposed to the two-state solution.


According to polling conducted after October 7th (Gallup), 76% of Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza are opposed to a two-state solution.

It is the height of arrogance and folly for the US administration to pressure Israelis and Arabs to accept a solution that neither population wants. Without the support of Israelis and Arabs, a two-state solution is doomed to fail.

In light of the above, we hereby call upon the United States government to abandon its outdated and dangerous “two-state solution” policy position. Instead, the US must work closely with Israel to chart a path forward that is realistic and which will lead to lasting peace and prosperity for the State of Israel and her neighbors.